Healthcare News

05/03/19 MRC: HIV remission achieved in second patient

05/03/19 BMJ Vet Record: Occurrence of Salmonella, Campylobacter, Clostridium and Enterobacteriaceae in raw meat-based diets for dogs

05/03/19 EHJ: Altered limbic and autonomic processing supports brain-heart axis in Takotsubo syndrome

05/03/19 BBC: UK patient ‘free’ of HIV after stem cell treatment

05/03/19 MRC: UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP2) – strategic call

03/03/19 Independent: NHS hospitals told to provide free tampons in victory for period poverty campaigners

02/03/19 LGA: Public health improving under councils, despite substantial cuts

01/03/19 BBC: Vaccination deniers gaining traction, NHS boss warns

22/2/19 MRC funded research reveals extent of trauma and PTSD in young people

22/2/19 Colten Care will open the gates to its new residential care home in Poole, Dorset

22/2/19 MRC: Why we need to work together to support team science

21/2/19 Gov: Expansion of budgets for personalised health and care support announced

21/2/19 Alzheimer’s Society: Life’s rich tapestry: ‘I want support, not sympathy’

21/2/19 C4AB: By not prioritising strength and balance programmes, we are missing the opportunity to ease pressure on A&E departments and reduce demand for social care.

20/2/19 Alzheimer’s Society:  ‘Void’ in care for those diagnosed with early onset dementia

18/2/19 THF: Preparing health care workforce for a digital future will require Herculean effort at all levels

16/2/19 BBC: ‘Know your cholesterol like you know your Pin code’

15/2/19 ICG: Local authority cuts spell more misery for vulnerable

13/2/19 BBC: Lyme disease can be diagnosed by ‘bull’s eye’ rash alone

13/2/19 Independent Age: Green paper “fast becoming CrossRail of health and social care”

13/2/19 Learning Curve Group: Level 2 Fully Funded Qualification – UNDERSTANDING AUTISM

13/2/19 Alzheimer’s Society: New carer’s guide available now free of charge

13/2/19 BBC: Parents should not be complacent about the risks of teenagers using cannabis

12/2/19 DOC: MDTs and integrated diabetes care at heart of DPC2019

12/2/19 Independent Age: social care workforce – almost 1,000 workers quitting their job every day

12/2/19 BBC: Government says to young people to become a care worker

8/2/19 Laing Bussion: Social care organisations write to minister over mental capacity changes

8/2/19 ICR: New ‘Trojan horse’ cancer treatment shows early promise in multiple tumour types

7/2/19 BBC – Legal advice ‘could be given in GP surgeries’

7/2/19 Pharma Phorum – What will a no-deal Brexit mean for pharma and healthcare?

6/2/19 BBC – Brexit: UK jobs ‘attracting less interest from EU workers’

30/1/19 LGSC – Ombudsman responds to Committee report on ethical standards

21/12/18 MRC –  Gene variations that reduce ability to store fat around the hips linked to higher risk of diabetes and heart attacks

20/12/18 ICG – Grinch has stolen Christmas from social care

20/12/18 Gov – Government must not “betray” disabled people in transition to Universal Credit

19/12/18 CQC – Opening the door to change – the report looks at NHS safety culture and the need for transformation

19/12/18 Parliament – Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill: Commons Stages

19/12/18 Gov – Pressure ulcers: safeguarding adults protocol

18/12/18 MRC – Health Systems Research Initiative Call 6: Providing evidence to strengthen health systems in low and middle income countries

13/11/18 HSJ – Artificial intelligence to help CQC spot care failures

13/11/18 Nature – ‘Invisible’ mice reveal anatomical secrets

13/11/18 Diabetes Professional Care – GP says low-carb approach is ‘shaking up’ the healthcare profession

13/11/18 The Times – Failing care boss of Barchester Homes got £200k rise

13/11/18 Parliament – Minister questioned on impact of social media on young people’s health

13/11/18 The Health Foundation – A major challenge: meeting the needs of people with multiple conditions – download

13/11/18 BBC – Call for UK ban on ‘grotesquely sugary’ freakshakes

12/11/18 Carehome Professional – Former CQC head, Sir David Behan, joins HC-One

12/11/18 FSHC – Commemorating Remembrance Sunday at Grove House

12/11/18 BBC – Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer

12/11/18 MRC – Poxvirus tricks cells into moving to spread infection

12/11/18 BBC – Dementia risk: Five-minute scan ‘can predict cognitive decline’

12/11/18 Eastern Daily Press – Warning that Norfolk could run out of care home places within five years – unless action is taken

2/11/18 The Press and Journal – Hundreds of houses, care home and nursery are a step closer for Aberdeenshire town

1/11/18 NHS – cannabis based medical products available on prescription

1/11/18 The Herald – Oxfordshire hospitals get £5.5m to cope this winter

1/11/18 Epilepsy Foundation kicks off National Epilepsy Awareness Month with Omaze Fundraiser Featuring T-Shirt designed by Artist Saber

1/11/18 BBC – ‘Don’t be taken in by anti-vaccine myths on social media’

31/10/18 Four Seasons – Knit, natter and fun every Friday at St Catherine’s

31/10/18 NHS Education Scotland – launch free elearning module about ‘Understanding your System’

31/10/18 DHSC – Healthcare UK annual review April 2017 to March 2018

31/10/18 CQC – Regulatory fees for 2019/20 – consultation

31/10/18 BBC – Being too fat or too thin ‘can cost four years of life’

30/10/18 Parliament – Care Quality Commission’s state of care report examined

30/10/18 Anchor has most Outstanding ratings out of large providers of residential care for older people

30/10/18 BBC – Pregnancy gap should be at least a year – researchers

30/10/18 CQC awarded funding to support and encourage innovation

30/10/18 HC One – St Andrew’s Day 2018

30/10/18 King’s Fund – King’s Fund report on CQC’s impact

29/10/18 BBC – Women over 34 are being refused IVF treatment

29/10/18 SCIE – Budget response – encouraging but ….

29/10/18 BBC – More students seek mental health support, analysis shows

29/10/18 MHT – Chancellor pledges to end mental health stigma in announcing new crisis hotline

29/10/18 ICG – Halloween shock for 1.4m people living without care

29/10/18 The Guardian – US hedge fund orders sale of Britain’s biggest care home operator, Four Seasons Health Care

29/10/18 NCF – Budget – Pot Luck for Social Care….

29/10/18  Healthcare Benefits – 39% do not know the cost of providing healthcare benefits

29/10/18 MRC – The serendipity of openness

27/10/18 BBC – Are supplements safe and do they work?

27/10/18 EVENT – Diabetes Professional Care 2018 Olympia London 14/15 Nov 2018

27/10/18 MRC – How artificial intelligence, and a cup of tea, could help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

27/10/18 ITV – Welsh and Scottish health secretaries concerned of ‘lack of meaningful engagement’ on Brexit from UK Government

27/10/18 Parliament – New law proposed to safeguard UK citizens’ healthcare abroad after Brexit

26/10/18 NHS – Deliveries where labour was induced has increased  

26/10/18 Age UK – Tips for a safe and happy Halloween

26/10/18 Nursing Times – Community nurses raise concerns at financial scamming of vulnerable adults

26/10/18 The King’s Fund – Leadership support programme for health charities launched

25/10/18 BBC – Councils buying care ‘on the cheap’

25/10/18 Independent Care Group – Let’s make it a social care budget – providers

25/10/18 Parliament – Lords examines Children Act 1989 (Amendment) (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill

25/10/18 Care Road Shows – London  Tuesday 13th November 2018

25/10/18 CQC – Care Quality Commission fees consultation – have your say 

25/10/18 Caring Homes – Guysfield’s fun at the farm

25/10/18 Learning Curve – up skill your staff with our fully funded training

25/10/18 HC One – Hard night ahead as Care Boss joins homelessness charity sleepout

25/10/18 Barchester Healthcare – An oily fish-rich diet could protect you from ill health in old age

25/10/18 BBC – Fruit flies’ brains studied to help crack dementia

24/10/18 – Ageing Better – Minister for Care Caroline Dinenage calls for businesses to seize the opportunities of a growing older market and help consumers to age well

24/10/18 Dementia UK – Helpline Admiral Nurse Awarded for 20 Years of Service

24/10/18 The Royal Society – Size matters: height, cell number and a person’s risk of cancer

23/10/18 Social Care Wales – New tool to improve early years and childcare workers’ skills and confidence

23/10/18 NHS – Eating organic food linked with lower cancer risk

23/10/18 BBC – Let down by ‘agonising’ end-of-life care

23/10/18 NHS – Local authorities receive 5,100 new requests for adult social care assistance a day

22/10/18 BBC – Philip Morris accused of hypocrisy over anti-smoking ad

22/10/18 MRC – Cancer trial shows treating the prostate with radiotherapy improves survival

21/10/18 Belfast Telegraph – Hundreds die here every winter, we must fight back – Dr Michael McBride

20/10/18 Frontiers – neural correlates of working memory maintenance in advanced aging

20/10/18 Parliament – Council squeeze blocking progress on health and care integration

20/10/18 Kingsley Healthcare – Free Halloween themed event at Lilac Lodge

20/10/18 DoH – Primary care is crucial to preventing ill health – Hancock

20/10/18 ITV – Terminal breast cancer patients ‘abandoned by NHS trusts’ in nurse shortage

19/10/18 Cancer Research – Updated Global Immuno-Oncology Landscape Report Highlights Robust International Pipeline Marked by Rapid Growth

19/10/18 NAPC – Primary care home model forges ahead with the integration agenda

19/10/18 Parliament – What is the scale of the social care funding challenge?

19/10/18 Alzheimer’s Society – support the MPs calling for a joined-up system 

19/10/18 FSHC – Cedar Court Care Home received a lovely visit from the Alzheimer’s Society

19/10/18 Healthcare Europa – Rethinking the UK approach to dementia care

19/10/18 BBC – Doctors ‘need to start early conversation with patients about dying’

18/10/18 NIBSC – Quality control materials, including third party, webinar 

18/10/18 Healthcare Homes – The Old Vicarage named ‘pet friendly care home of the year’

18/10/18 The Independent – Third of 15 to 18-year-olds suffer mental health problems, research suggests

18/10/18 BBC – Baby box safety doubts raised by experts

18/10/18 Pharmaceutical Journal – small children prioritised under emergency protocol to tackle ‘critical’ EpiPen shortage

18/10/18 MRC – Could dairy products help prevent type 2 diabetes?

17/10/18 Independent Age – Comment on research about older people’s self-harm and suicide risk

17/10/18 Caring UK – Lincoln House has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award

17/10/18 Future Healthcare joins forces with ABHI to showcase the best of UK HealthTech

17/10/18 MRC – Many cases of dementia may arise from non-inherited DNA ‘spelling mistakes’

17/10/18 Parliament – MPs debate Universal Credit and social care funding

17/10/18 Care Forum Wales – Care providers being priced out of the jobs market by the NHS

17/10/18 Parliament – NI social care provision examined

16/10/18 BBC – Lab-grown oesophagus implanted in mice

16/10/18 Independent Age response to government loneliness strategy

15/10/18 Parliament – How should social care be funded in England?

12/10/18 BBC – Doctors can prescribe medical cannabis from November in UK

12/10/18 W&P Assessment & Training Centre – download the brochure 

12/10/18 MRC – Human brain cell transplant offers insights into neurological conditions

11/10/18 ICG – Call for urgent action to end ‘fragility’ of social care system

11/10/18  Learning Curve Group – Mental health in Children and Young People Level 2 Fully Funded.

11/10/18 BBC – What works for treating children’s colds?

11/10/18 MRC – Markers of dairy fat consumption linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes

11/10/18 MRC – UKB brain imaging and genetics studies to ‘transform’ health research

11/10/18 CQC warns of growing ‘care injustice’, with access to good care increasingly dependent on how well local systems work together

11/10/18 CQC – download ‘State of Care 2017/18’

10/10/18 Wiley – TODAY is World Mental Health Day

10/10/18 The Guardian – UK-wide art campaign highlights problem of ‘bedblocking’

10/10/18 BBC – ‘Fry and Turnbull effect’ on prostate cancer

10/10/18 Mail OnLine – 10,000 children taken into care: Numbers have doubled in the past four years

09/10/18 BBC – Mesh ‘last option’ for incontinence

09/10/18 FT – Terra Firma puts disputed care homes up for sale

09/10/18 Guardian – Keep taking the vitamin D tablets

09/10/18 The Independent – ‘Outdated’ UK abortion laws hampering care for women, doctors say

09/10/18 MRC funds £2m study to address global mental health stigma

05/10/18 BBC – Type-2 diabetes signs ‘detectable years before diagnosis’

05/10/18 MRC – Scientists find old antibiotic may selectively kill dangerous skin cancer cells

05/10/18 CQC’s Andrea Sutcliffe CBE, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, announces departure

04/10/18 BBC – Vitamin D pills – what’s the truth?

04/10/18 MRC – Shining a light on brain development

03/10/18 Wiley – Risk pathways and developmental phenotypes of ADHD and externalizing problems

02/10/18 RCN launches campaign to encourage members to get vaccinated 

02/10/18 – The Saint Cecilia’s Care Group in Scarborough harnesses software to deliver better care

02/10/18 Guardian – Health Secretary to promise £240m in hope of staving off another winter crisis

02/10/18 ESRC – are challenging young people to take a photograph that demonstrates what better lives means to them.

01/10/18 BBC – Landmark cancer therapy wins Nobel prize for medicine

28/9/18 BBC – EpiPen users told to use devices past normal expiry date

28/9/18 CQC – King’s Fund report on our impact

28/9/18 MRC – Two projects shortlisted for 2018 Newton Prize

28/9/18 Belfast Telegraph – Projects that hope to revolutionise healthcare – Hancock

28/9/18 NHS – New health secretary urged to ‘grasp social care challenge’

28/9/18 ITV – Natasha Ednan-Laperouse’s father says labelling laws ‘played Russian Roulette with daughter’s life’

27/9/18 MRC – New UKRI system needs community input on Horizon 2020 grants

27/9/18 Mail Online – Paul Gascoigne’s nephew, 22, suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) from childhood which caused him anxiety and distress, with intrusive thoughts, when he was growing up – coroner has ruled.

27/9/18 BBC – The secret in my blood

27/9/18 CQC – Sexual safety on mental health wards

27/9/18 News Shopper – Coroner warns of future deaths at Baycroft care home in St Paul’s Cray

27/9/18 ITV – Healthcare worker in Blackpool confirmed as the UK’s third case of monkeypox

27/9/18 NHS – Extension of NHS seasonal influenza vaccination to social care workers and staff in the voluntary managed hospice sector: letter from Professor Stephen Powis

27/9/18 Future Healthcare joins forces with UKIHMA to assist health organisations wanting to navigate international markets

27/9/18 BBC – Soups and shakes low-calorie diets ‘recommended for obese’

27/9/18 MRC – Smarter trials speed up patients’ access to effective treatments

26/9/18 NMC finalises plans for nursing associate regulation

26/9/18 Warrington Worldwide – Care home boss calls for councillor to quit over “greedy developer” slur

26/9/18 MRC – UK-led study marks shift towards genetic era in tackling TB

25/9/18 BBC – Life expectancy progress in UK ‘stops for first time’

25/9/18 MetroUK – Couple together for 70 years face being separated because of care home fees

25/9/18 LGSC Ombudsman – Council decided couple tried to avoid care fees by helping daughter buy house

24/9/18 BBC – Care job vacancies in England rise to 110,000

24/9/18 MRC – First patient in the UK receives pioneering new form of radiotherapy

24/9/18 BBC – Laxative sales may be restricted under government review

21/8/18 The Telegraph – ‘Care Isa’ exempt from inheritance tax may be launched by government in bid to solve social care crisis

9/8/18  NESTA – The biomedical bubble

9/8/18 The Independent – Dementia rates higher among black people, new study finds

3/8/18 LGSC Ombudsman – Council school transport policies must not fail young adults with disabilities

3/8/18 MHA care homes benefit from £10 million refurbishment project

27/7/18 Express – For the first time in 15 years, a new drug promises to slow Alzheimer’s

27/7/18 CCN – Counties warn over funding for home to school transport due to ‘rural premium’ on delivering services

27/7/18 The Guardian – Cannabis-based medicines get green light as UK eases rules

26/7/18 Parliament – Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill [HL]

26/7/18 MRC – UK and India join forces to tackle the global health needs of women and children

26/7/18 The Guardian – Dundonald House care home, Ayrshire, residents proving it’s never too late to learn a new language

26/7/18 BBC – ADHD diagnosis for adults ‘can take seven years’

26/7/18 MRC – New system can identify drugs to target “undruggable” enzymes critical in many diseases

26/7/18 Parliament – New dental care approach to be expanded after trial reduces tooth decay

25/7/18 The Sun – DEATH TAX REINCARNATED Ministers plan for social care tax to help plug £3.5billion funding gap and fund care homes

25/7/18 MRC – Turmeric extract in eye drops could treat the early stages of glaucoma

24/7/18 LaingBuisson – Care home occupancy lower than thought

19/7/18 ICG – New senior executive line-up for growing care provider group

16/7/18 Parliament – Lords debates Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill

16/7/18 ICG – Care providers seek brave new horizons for the future

20/6/18 Parliament – Committee hears evidence on “only major welfare reform since 2010 that has not been evaluated”

15/6/18 LGL – CCGs review NHS Continuing Healthcare policies after legal threat from watchdog

14/6/18 IFS – Cuts to spending on social care and the use of NHS Accident and Emergency services in England

14/6/18 MRC – Gene therapy restores paw function in rats with spinal cord injury

14/6/18 CQC – National survey shows some improvements in people’s hospital experiences but highlights concerns around discharge and inequalities for those with mental health conditions

14/6/18 EHJ – Association between systolic blood pressure and dementia in the Whitehall II cohort study: role of age, duration, and threshold used to define hypertension

14/6/18 BBC – ‘Women spend more time planning holiday than pregnancy’

13/6/18 IFS – Changes in councils’ adult social care and overall service spending in England, 2009–10 to 2017–18

8/6/18 Parliament – Government must improve preventive care outside hospitals

8/6/18 ACAMH – Jack Tizard Virtual Issue on Autism and Learning Disabilities

8/6/18 BBC – NHS staff vote for 6.5% pay deal

8/6/18 MRC – Going further to make all clinical trials public

8/6/18 BJEP –  New Special Issue Scaffolding: Integrating social and cognitive perspectives on children’s learning at home

5/4/18 BBC – Regular fast food eating linked to fertility issues in women

5/4/18 BBC – Thousands of calls made to breast screen error helpline

5/4/18 ESRC – social sciences and businesses –  Innovation Caucus PhD intern opportunities

30/4/18 BBC – ‘The NHS treatment that caused my cancer’

30/4/18 The Express – Back pain – four diet swaps that could prevent lower back ache

30/4/18 CQC – The Chief Inspector, Andrea Sutcliffe’s column 

30/4/18 THF – Building the evidence around the social and economic value of health

30/4/18 CQC – The state of care in independent acute hospitals

27/4/18 MRC – Mouse study identifies new target for human accelerated aging syndrome

21/4/18 BBC – Allied Healthcare: Home care provider seeks rescue plan

21/4/18 FSA – Dunnes Stores recalls Chicken, Bacon & Sweetcorn Deli Filler due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes

21/4/18 BBC – Cystic fibrosis: Company urged to lower cost of life-changing drug

20/4/18 BBC – Chingford fire: Resident dies in care home blaze

20/4/18 MRC – New treatment may improve speech after stroke

20/4/18 FSA – Manning Impex Ltd recalls Buenas Grated Coconut as it may contain Salmonella

20/4/18 BBC – Ex-MP Tessa Jowell first to donate data to medical database

17/4/18 BBC – Does vaginal seeding boost health?

17/4/18 LGO Ombudsman – Ombudsman report reminds councils of care charging duties

17/4/18 CQC – Report on Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2016/17 

12/4/18 FSA – Sweetland Ltd is recalling various sweet and cake products because they have been produced in unhygienic conditions

12/4/18 Care Inspectorate Wales – Ongoing inconsistencies of applications and authorisations for Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) across Wales, report finds

12/4/18 CQC – The state of care in independent acute hospitals

9/4/18 ESRC – Research Institutes launched –  broader social science research landscape, with long-term, five-year funding

9/4/18 MRC – Bloodless revolution in diabetes monitoring

9/4/18 WILEY – Autism Awareness Around the World 2018 – Read for free until 30 June 2018

9/4/18 BBC – Prostate cancer: Four in 10 cases diagnosed late, charity says

9/4/18 MRC/CBU – Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph appointed as the new Director of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

4/4/18 Parliament – Post-Brexit failure to replace European Social Fund would be disastrous

3/4/18 BBC – UK’s first proton beam cancer centre to open in Newport

3/4/18 MRC – Researchers to investigate screening for prostate cancer using MRI – potentially replacing the PSA test

28/3/18 BBC – Carers ‘need mandatory LGBT training’

28/3/18 Parliament – Report urges Government for clarity on EU reciprocal healthcare

28/3/18 LGSC – Council should not have charged top-up fee while family selling home

28/3/18 MRC – New study of over 5,000 young people will create biomarker tests to personalise treatment for childhood arthritis

28/3/18 Parliament – Lords debates impact of Brexit on UK health

27/3/18 Parliament – NHS stuck in survival mode as focus remains on short-term fixes

27/3/18 BBC – Hospitals ‘failing’ on genetic bowel cancer test

27/3/18 – Independent Age – Half a million older private renters are ‘invisible’, and are overlooked by policy on housing and older people, according to new report

273/18 NCFR – Looking Backward, Around, and Forward: Family Science Has Always Been Translational Science

26/3/18 Parliament – Remove age restrictions on childcare support for parents in training

26/3/18 BBC – Southern Health fined £2m over deaths of two patients

26/3/18 DoH – We need to do better on social care – Hunt 

26/3/18 FSA – AKM Foods Limited recalls further Zaiqa GoGo Pan Masala Mouth Freshener products because they contain Rhodamine B

26/3/18 BBC – Alfie Evans: European Court of Human Rights considers case

26/3/18 Parliament – Experts questioned on long-term funding of adult social care

25/3/18 BBC – NHS: Over 3,000 more midwifery training places offered

24/3/18 BBC – Tuberculosis rates in England fall by third in six years

23/3/18 LGO – Disabled man spends nearly a year in unsuitable accommodation because of council faults

23/3/18 Nature – Reduced-calorie diet shows signs of slowing ageing in people

23/3/18 BBC – Woman dies after having bee-sting therapy

23/3/18 MS-UK – Siponimod could be the first drug available to SPMS patients to delay disability progression

23/3/18 CQC – Signs of improvement but some concerns remain regarding providers of online GP services

23/3/18 Cancer Research – New calculations confirm lifestyle changes could prevent 4 in 10 cancer cases

23/3/18 MRC – New MRC Council appointed

22/3/18 Parliament – Greater powers needed to address UK’s social crisis

22/3/18 – IFS – Adult social care funding: a local or national responsibility?

22/3/18 Action on Sugar – Blueberry muffins are not a healthy snack

22/3/18 MRC – Learning how the USA tackles neuro research: UK–USA Partnership Symposium kicks off today

23/3/18 UCL – Neglect common in English care homes

09/3/18 Parliament – New Chief Exec faces challenge to ensure CQC is fit for future

09/3/18 BBC – Talks on three-year pay deal for NHS staff ‘positive’

08/3/18 Parliament – Urgent Question: CQC review of children and young people’s mental health services

08/3/18 BBC – How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining

08/3/18 DoH – Social Care issues new safeguarding protocol for Pressure Ulcers

08/3/18 CQC – Are we listening? A review of children and young people’s mental health services

07/3/18 NHS – Taking Action on Work-Related Stress

07/3/18 FSA – Lidl Ireland recalls Grafschafter Garlic Baguettes and Herb Baguettes as allergenic ingredients are not declared in English

07/3/18 BBC – Health ‘to start failing at 47’ in parts of Blackpool and Middlesbrough

07/3/18 MRC – Experimental Medicine Challenge Grants: Discovery science in humans

06/3/18 BBC – Alzheimer’s researchers win brain prize

05/3/18 CMS – The Department of Health and Social Care has responded to the care homes market study findings and recommendations.

26/2/18 MRC – Genetics researchers close in on schizophrenia

26/2/18 BBC – Millennials ‘set to be fattest generation’

26/2/18 CQC – Choosing care is one of life’s most stressful experiences but trusted information can help

23/2/18 FSA – IKEA recalls its GODIS PÅSKKYCKLING Marshmallow candy due to possible mice infestation

23/2/18 BBC – Drug errors cause appalling harm and deaths, says Hunt

22/2/18 The Lancet – Comparative efficacy and acceptability of 21 antidepressant drugs for the acute treatment of adults with major depressive disorder: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

22/2/18 Parliament – Urgent Question on air quality

21/2/18 BBC – Asthma inhalers recalled in device alert

21/2/18 FSA – Booker recalls Happy Shopper Tomato Ketchup because it may contain pieces of plastic

21/2/18 BBC – NHS ‘dangerously’ short of 100,000 staff

21/2/18 Parliament – Statement on medicines and medical devices safety review

20/2/18 Nature – Find drugs that delay many diseases of old age

15/2/18 BBC – Life expectancy gap between rich and poor widens

14/2/18 The Telegraph – Cancer warning over processed foods that make up half of UK diet

i News – Huge rise in support for opt-out organ donation system in Wales

13/2/18 Manchester Uni – Sexuality is vital to older people’s health, happiness and wellbeing

12/2/18 BBC – Take sick children to pharmacies first, parents told

09/2/18 Parliament – Housing for older people needs national strategy

09/2/18 Longitude Prize – Superbugs: The real-life problem

09/2/18 CQC – The next phase of regulation: consultation 3, independent healthcare

09/2/18 BBC – MPs urge more housing help for elderly

09/2/18 BBC – Hip fracture patients face up to 80-day wait for rehab, survey finds

08/2/18 PRN Civision – H/2 Capital Partners Proposes Major Improvements To Four Seasons Health Care Stakeholder Protection, Continuity Of Care & Governance

08/2/18 Parliament – Statement on the state pension age

08/2/18 NAO – The adult social care workforce in England

08/2/18 CRM – Immune system could be key in fight against cancer

08/2/18 LGSC Ombudsman – New adult social care complaint decisions

08/2/18 Parliament – Statement on acute and community health

08/2/18 LGSC Ombudsman – New children and education complaint decisions

07/2/18 ESRC – £54 million funding to transform health through data science

07/2/18 PLOS – Impact of person-centred care training and person-centred activities on quality of life, agitation, and antipsychotic use in people with dementia living in nursing homes: A cluster-randomised controlled trial

07/2/18 BBC – NHS to use new type of flu jab next winter

07/2/18 BBC – Hunt orders review of criminalising doctors after Bawa-Garba case

06/2/18 PHE – independent expert e-cigarettes evidence review

06/2/18 MRC – Old antibiotic compounds could become tomorrow’s life-saving drugs

6/2/18 President Trump – NHS ‘going broke and not working’

06/2/18 BBC – HPV vaccine offered to men who have sex with men in England

05/2/18 BBC – NHS ‘should be funded by new tax’

05/2/18 MRC – Dr Jan Löwe named as the new director for the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

05/2/18 Research Council – Research on cancer in the UK: an overview

05/2/18 The Guardian – The DNA database that is key to beating our rarest diseases

05/2/18 Parliament – Urgent Question on the NHS Winter Crisis

o5/2/18 CQC – National survey shows improvements in women’s experiences of maternity care

05/2/18 LGSC – Ombudsman responds to CMA care home report

05/2/18 BBC – Illegal teeth whitening caused ‘excruciating pain’

04/2/18 BBC – Woodlands View (HC-One) care home fire: One dead, one critical

25/1/18 BBC – One cigarette a day ‘increases heart disease and stroke risk’

25/1/18 The Telegraph – Children born by c-section far more likely to be obese by aged five, major study suggests

25/1/18 ESRC-NIHR dementia research initiative 2018

25/1/18 LGSC  Ombudsman – a weekly update on children and education complaint decisions

25/1/18 CQC – Updated guidance on the fit and proper person requirement

25/1/18 King’s College – Adolescents who have experienced some form of racism between the ages of 11 and 23 are more likely to take up smoking than those who have not

25/1/18 BBC – Winter flu outbreak is peaking, say health experts

25/1/18 LGSC  Ombudsman – a weekly update on adult social care complaint decisions

25/1/18 The Law Society – Court of protection highlights human cost of cuts

25/1/18 BBC – Law to tackle hospital and GP nuisances considered

24/1/18 Parliament – Lords debates innovative cancer treatments

24/1/18 BBC – ‘Growing problem’ of addiction to prescription drugs probed

24/1/18 Parliament – Lords debates delivery of NHS services over the winter

24/1/18 BBC – First monkey clones created in Chinese laboratory

24/1/18 CQC – Ongoing rise in detentions under Mental Health Act may be symptomatic of a system ‘under considerable strain’

23/1/18 BBC – Asthma patients ‘not receiving basic care’

23/1/118 NHS – Women with learning disabilities and/or autism are less likely to attend their smear test. Help us change this

23/1/18 UCL – Epilepsy linked to thickness & volume differences in multiple brain regions

23/1/18 Parliament – Secretary of State questioned on impact of Brexit for patients

23/1/18 SKY – Boris Johnson’s NHS demands are unlikely to be acted on

23/1/18 Independent Age – Two-thirds of MPs in England believe older people do not have enough high-quality care homes to choose from

23/1/18 CQC – Mental Health Act – A focus on restrictive intervention reduction programmes in inpatient mental health services

23/1/18 BBC – Children in England ‘deserve better’ from healthcare

22/1/18 Press and Journal – £1.4million mental healthcare project to be introduced in Aberdeen

22/1/118 The Guardian – Law Society urges end to enforced medical treatment of vulnerable people

22/1/18 BBC – Disabilities caused in babies by epilepsy drug a ‘scandal’

22/1/18 The Guardian – NHS crisis is main worry for Conservative voters, poll suggests

22/1/18 Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – Body shame responsible for young women not attending smear tests

19/1/18 Food Standards Agency – James Hall is recalling SPAR BBQ Pulled Pork and Woodland BBQ Pulled Pork because the products may contain salmonella. Both products have been sold at SPAR stores.

19/1/18 Health & Safety Executive – COMAH and DSEAR courses 2018 

19/1/18 BBC – NHS bail-outs could become new normal, National Audit Office says

15/1/18 CIW – We have changed our name to Care Inspectorate Wales

15/1/18 BBC – ‘Being a teenage mother is so lonely’

15/1/18 BBC – Thousands struggle to access childcare on glitchy website

14/1/18 BBC – The Hearts Milk Bank: How research and technology is changing the debate around breastfeeding

14/1/118 MRC – Data just has so much potential, it can reveal causes of ill health, suggest preventative measures and direct more certain treatments

14/1/18 BBC – French salmonella baby milk scandal ‘affects 83 countries’

13/1/18 Barchester Healthcare – Mediterranean diet ‘reduces risk of frailty’ in older population

13/1/18 The Telegraph – What is Australian flu? How to prevent the virus and the symptoms to look out for

13/1/18 HSJ – NHS Improvement takes ‘urgent action’ over teaching trust governance

13/1/18 BBC – Will a rebranded Department of Health change anything?

12/1/18 MRC – “Health data has to be the future of medicine” – Cecily Berryman on sharing rare genetic data

12/1/18 MTN: Anxiety may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s

12/1/18 – GlaxoSmithKline has announced the appointment of Tamara Rogers as the regional head of its consumer healthcare business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

12/1/18 Journal of Urology – Cycling does not damage men’s sexual or urinary functions

12/1/18 CQC amends rating at Humber NHS Foundation Trust as ‘patient care improves’

12/1/18 Express – Aussie flu symptoms: Signs that you have the deadly virus infection

12/1/18 BBC – Breast cancer survival ‘unaffected by faulty gene’

12/1/18 CQC – North London mental health and community trust is rated ‘Requires Improvement’

11/1/18 PHE – Seasonal flu levels have continued to increase in the last week across the UK according to figures published by Public Health England today.

11/1/18 BBC – Patients ‘dying in hospital corridors’

11/1/18 Barchester – Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research ‘could increase chances of early detection’

11/1/18 LG & SC – Ombudsman calls for councils to be clear on care home costs

11/1/18 BBC – CES 2018: Willow and Freemie breast pumps offer mums freedom

11/1/18 LG & SC – A weekly update on adult social care complaint decisions

10/1/18 Law Society – Lord Mayor’s mental health initiative

10/1/18 ICG – Care group calls for Secretary of State to act swiftly on social care

9/1/18 Babraham Institute – How good bacteria control your genes

9/1/18 CQC – A Good CQC rating for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust again

9/1/18 NHS – Healthier snacks for kids – tips

9/1/18 BBC – Basildon, Southend and Broomfield hospitals discuss merger plans

8/1/18 ITV – Singing ‘speeds up’ recovery from post-natal depression

8/1/18 FT – The case for a special UK health service tax

8/1/18 The Guardian – Men do seek help for depression. I wish my dad had

8/1/18 BBC – Heart attack care dangerously unequal for women, study finds

8/1/18 W&P – W&P Launch their first sets of Scottish Policies and Procedures

8/1/18 SKY – Mothers singing in groups with babies ‘helps ease post-natal depression’

8/1/18 BBC – Middle-aged can reverse heart risk with exercise, study suggests

A happy and a prosperous New Year to all our visitors

 Children’s carol service wows residents in Wokingham

Children’s carol service wows residents in Wokingham
Residents and the care team at Longfield Care Home in Eglinton had a lovely Christmas treat as some local school children came carol singing – click to read more….

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